notes_29 MRD مريد (‘Return, repeat. Return.’)


Note the roundedness
the purse of birthing lips
warmth, assurance, sanctuary
-including the maternal-
the promise of a kiss

And the radical softness of
what follows, condensing a
common english error, but
there is no murgh. Just the
controlled bite of ‘read’

becoming a fixed grin; a cele-
bration of ‘going back’ and
‘repetition’. Finally, a softly
doubled ‘dead’; punctuated by
tongue. Return, repeat. Return

It’s in your familiar voice
definitively, an outlawed vessel
of soft depth, resounding truths
and human warmth in all the
details; pre-zeiss you said

Song-sung voice of the earth
winded palms embracing rain
the worn rumbling of witness
ignored, over-flown, bombed
with dumb assertions of self

Soil remains as subliminal under-
tow, the non-marching of time
Somehow life is conducted and
embodied; too little, too much
Words of pumping incredulity


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