on another wall to be torn down, this time in Cairo [for a while]

Untitled by Maggie Osama

What is it with the Israeli flag [see other images] and walls? When are the watch towers going to appear? When will children start being shot, imprisoned without charge and routinely abused? Or is the [warm] world starting to wake up to its responsibilities? Salutations brave Turkey. Is the cold world going to discover that Palestinians are human beings too and stop actively supporting the whole panoply of Crimes against Humanity that went on for decades and go on day by day -mostly beyond English language media of course?- under that same flag? When will the other wall fall and allow elderly refugees to walk back through their childhood towards a new secular democracy of equal citizens? While celebrating the end of murderous despots, don’t let’s forget or excuse the biggest of them all which remains determined to ‘transfer’ and ‘settle’ its way to Eternity.

I’m assuming you’ve all been following this, especially the heroics of Ahmad al-Shahat [here], but here are a couple more links just in case:

A detailed early Egyptian Chronicle blogpost here.

A very good Al Ahram opinion piece here.

A very temperate NYRB blog here.

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