in ramallah, running – a little bit

In Ramallah, Running by Guy Mannes-Abbott [2011]

I can’t resist posting this image from one of the distributor’s sites for Translated By, there’s a page of other images/details here.

This is a tiny excerpt of the excerpt obviously. As a whole, my short running texts within Ramallah itself alternate with longer walking essays at/in/beyond the limits all around, which multiply and abstract in ways peculiar to this unique Occupation. Hence my attempt to reconjure the actual place, and actual people in their place. The whole text begins as it appears to do here, though this excerpt of 1500 words is made up only of running texts.

The actual book –In Ramallah, Running- is coming together in all its ambitious complexity! An exciting  and just-right group of International contributors; writers and artists, has formed, whose work will accompany my 20,000 word series of texts. Contributions/interventions are coming in, things are being signed and quite soon I’ll post details about all of what that means. Launches are firmly pencilled for the mid winter 2011-2012 in Ramallah and London so far, again details to come…

For now though, run out and get hold of Translated By, which has a really fine group of writers, was curated/edited by a really fine pair -in Shumon and Charles- and designed by the very fine Zak Kyes studio… Check usual and unusual sources to get hold of your own beautiful copy while they last!

One thought on “in ramallah, running – a little bit

  1. Major follower of the blog, loads of your blog posts have seriously helped me out. Looking towards updates!

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