richard hamilton at the serpentine one; we can be heroes…

Unorthodox Rendition [no date] Richard Hamilton

…just for one day or even one hour: go see Modern Moral Matters at the Serpentine 3 March-25 April 2010.

hero/ n. pl. heroes 1a a mythological or legendary figure often held to be of divine descent and to have great strength or ability b an illustrious warrior c a person, esp a man, admired for noble achievements and qualities [eg courage] 2a the principal male character in a literary or dramatic work b the central figure in an event or period.

heroic/ also heroical adj 1 of or suitable to heroes 2a showing or marked by courage and daring b grand, noble 3 of impressive size, power, or effect; large, powerful 4 of heroic verse synonyms see BRAVE.

heroism/ n heroic conduct qualities; esp extreme courage.

2 thoughts on “richard hamilton at the serpentine one; we can be heroes…

  1. […] Extraordinary rendition [no date]. “A picture which I’ve known for a very long time because I was always a campaigner for Mordechai Vanunu … at least a third of the membership was Jewish, elderly ladies … it’s always been very much in my mind and I thought it would be good to paint it … I end up with something I feel is an abstraction [in painterly terms] … the flash caused a reflection of what is behind the camera and there are very strange things happening, including the possibility of giving him a laurel wreath.” [see my earlier post here] […]

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