on recognition of palestine, i do!

Free Free Palestine [BIG] Hyde Park London 2003 [Ph. Guy Mannes-Abbott]

As leaked documents make concrete, the state of Israel is panicked about the Palestinian declaration of independence in September and its recognition at the UN. I think we all know what will happen and Germany’s desire to see ethnic cleansing and siege continue will be supported by the UK [and Tony Blair of course, still fighting his permanent war. At least Blair used the phrase Israel-Palestine -just like Bosnia-Herzogovina; site of Crimes Against Humanity- while promoting his paperbacked memoirs, while the BBC journo -Sarah Raven?- couldn’t bring herself to say Palestine] and usual Imperialista desperadoes…

In the context of where things are now, I think it’s important that the world starts to recognise the Palestinian right to exist, such that they support and recognise its independence in September. The most obvious reason is that there is literally no point whatsoever in maintaining the decades-long pantomime of ‘negotiating’ with so aberrant an Occupation. Twenty three years were poured down that drain…

However noble the Palestinian willingness to cede massive compromises, to even consider that a slither of hills and a slither of sand with no whisper of return etc. would begin to constitute justice, it has been irrevocably shown to be nothing but a sign of camp fever. There is a danger that, in declaring independence within unviable borders, historic injustice will be consolidated and Israel will suddenly say ok then! -because it is so obviously to its advantage and of course completes a founding act of ethnic cleansing.

However, so long as this new version of Palestine is not formulated as some racially ‘pure’ entity and so long as it’s understood that justice requires a secular democracy for all the peoples of historic Palestine between the Jordan and the Mediterranean within very few years [if not tomorrow], this temporary tactical solution is desirable, now. Self declaration is a very different thing from forced surrender via Western pressure.

So, I will not only recognise Palestine in September [1982, 2000, 2011, etc.], I recognised it in January and will recognise it in December. Only those blinded with race hate can’t see what was, is and will be Palestine…

FN – Watch this and enjoy the rage it has and will generate for simply singing the simple truth! I’ve not really wasted my time on Glenn Beck before, but the man is hysterical! Check the link and please watch his insane rant right up to where he breaks down -on his shield!

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