on tahrir, the poetry of revolt etc.

Leave/Irhal – ‘Kodak Agfa’ February 1

Yes, yes, catching up; I’ve just come across this online publication; Shahadat at ArteEast. Its April edition is available here only. Click on the Shahadat image on the page to find a nicely situated ‘gallery’ of ‘protest signs, graffiti and street art’ -including this particular irhal...

ArteEast is always worth checking, especially the magazine, but then you know that…

Doesn’t it seem a long time ago now? How it warmed the winter for me and most everyone I know… How glad I am that Egyptians recovered their independence and civility sufficiently to stop collaborating on the siege of Gaza… How much further to go…

There was also a great piece back there on the language of the protests/revolt by Elliot Colla in the excellent Jadaliya, which some of you may have missed here. I strongly recommend his history of the poetry of revolt, dated January 31 by the way…

[With thanks to Sam Wilder for this latter.]

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