gil scott-heron; ‘won’t play in Israel “until everyone is welcome there”’

Protest makes no difference right?

I hope you’ll consider whether you want to continue to finance Palestinian dispossession and massacre next time you hold red peppers, avocados, sweet potatoes, sage or tarragon etc. in your hand in any of the big British supermarkets. Think of them as live ammo or broken bones if it helps… In any case; think.

Here is a statement reporting that Gil S-H announced he won’t be playing Israel after all. So we can continue playing that unique back catalogue and if you haven’t yet, get hold of I’m New Here [link to earlier celebratory post].

Gil Scott-Heron announces cancellation of Tel Aviv concert


Artist won’t play in Israel “until everyone is welcome there”.

“Fans of revolutionary poet and singer-songwriter Gil Scott-Heron welcomed his decision tonight to cancel the concert he had been scheduled to play in Tel Aviv this May. Heron announced the decision during his set at London’s Royal Festival Hall, the opening date of his World tour.

Activists from the Gil Scott-Heron Boycott Israel Campaign had picketed the event earlier in the day, attracting considerable public interest and support. Ten activists from the Campaign then continued their protest inside the concert, raising the issue of Israeli apartheid right at the start of Heron’s set and after the first song.

The activists were great admirers of the artist who were shocked by Heron’s decision to play Israel, given his longstanding commitment to equality and civil rights in both the USA and South Africa. Leading members of the ANC have stated that Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians is even worse than was their own treatment under South African apartheid.

The Campaign is now awaiting confirmation from Gil Scott Heron’s management that the concert has indeed been cancelled.”

[thanks J. for this happy news]

2 thoughts on “gil scott-heron; ‘won’t play in Israel “until everyone is welcome there”’

  1. With respect to Elvis Costello, his decision not to play concerts in June and thus appear to have no awareness of the context [ongoing settlements and “deplor[able] conditions that visit intimidation, humiliation or much worse on Palestinian civilians”] belongs here because as he says “It is a matter of instinct and conscience.”
    Read his wrestling thoughts here:
    Considerable or otherwise, contemplation is what is being asked for; just THINK.

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