agnes martin writings; to the jetty

Agnes Martin


Edited by Dieter Schwarz

German, English

2005. 176 pp.

15,00 x 24,00 cm

€ 25.00

out of print

ISBN 978-3-7757-1611-6

Hatje Cantz Verlag
Zeppelinstrasse 32
73760 Ostfildern
Tel. +49 711 4405-200
Fax +49 711 4405-220

Amid oceans of mainstream mindlessness, memorabilia and millennial archivism there is a small archipelago where books of this special kind wash up and a mysterious tribe of singular genius make perfect copies of them which they relaunch from a jetty linked to all the islands.

Islanders have always adapted to the difficulty of their shores with mindfulness and without illusion, leaving the oceans to the satiated, including those occasionally fretful about the survival of the kinds of singularity/books that they never actually detain/ed themselves with.

Agnes Martin’s Writings is one of these buoyant survivors of oceanic inanity, treasured by a singular tribe and consistently popular according to its original publisher above. Islanders are willing, the jetty is clear, palms held open…

Whoever it is that owns the rights to this book might welcome reminders that the world and its archipelago are thirsting for Agnes Martin’s words.

Her New York gallery -which manages the rights- is here

Research & Archives is Jon Mason

Her London gallery -which has a show April 21 – May 21 2010- is contactable here



An Artist Room of her work will also open at Kettle’s Yard May 15 – July 10 2010 here


Douglas Hyde Gallery is showing Works on Paper  May 28 – July 7 2010 here

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