the model hip! hip! benĀ sonnenberg

Edward Said and Ben Sonnenberg mid-80s [Photo Alexander Cockburn]

I liked and admired Ben Sonnenberg [though can’t claim to be one of his many close friends, nor did I ever meet him]; a man whose mind encompassed [and published] Anne Carson, James Salter and Edward Said, who understood what money was for, someone who left his beautiful and brilliant Grand Street magazine as the model of a good mind at work.

This [here] is a link to a very warm remembrance of BS [1938-2010] following his memorial service, by his friend Alexander Cockburn which I recommend to you. You might also dig up Salter’s account of BS inĀ Burning the Days; his much-admired aplomb in general and in the face of MS. AC quotes BS taking an elegant lance to The New Republic mag in 1989; oh for “puckish” courage of that kind today.

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