on getting well soon, amin maalouf’s origins 2008

AM: “what I would like to do is leave ajar the door to my office”


Amin Malouf had only just got started with a nice blog [here] before that same blog announced on March 13th 2010; “As some of his friends already know, Amin has had some health concerns that have kept him away from this blog for the last few months. He hopes to be back soon, and he extends to everybody his heartfelt apologies and his best regards.”

Wondering today if there were news and hoping it might be good news; recovery and a return to writing even, I remembered that I wrote a very short review of Origins, his last book to be translated into English, for The Independent and decided to post it below.

Meanwhile, enjoy this [inevitably contentious yet intriguing] page of his;

My Web of Words;

1-Alcohol. 2-Turkey. 3-Orange. 4-Roumi. 5-Greek.  6-Egypt. 7-Franc. 8-Mattress. 9-Baghdad. 10-Table.  11- Punch. 12-Rose. 13-Apricot. 14-Hazard

His UK publisher’s page for Origins is here.

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