on being held to account; gaza two [hamas did it …!]

I’m posting this list of participants in Israeli war crimes in Gaza 2008-09 principally because the British government wants to dilute universal jurisdiction so as to welcome them, some quite specifically, to these shores. It’s hard to think of anything more sickening or shameful. However, first Gordon Brown’s government and now this curio of a government, ‘Justice’ Minister Ken Clarke specifically, wants to encourage more suspected/seasoned war criminals to visit Britain. Rather than prevent or punish acts as abhorrent as those committed by the state of Israel in Gaza alone, they want to promote, praise and pull in more killers like this not -as I say- to put them on trial and imprison them in perpetuity but to sit down to lunch and revive trade in arms and ‘intelligence’. I guess that this is the paragon of western civility that hundreds of thousands of Iraqis had to die for in an effort to promote “our” values? Yes that is precisely one of the things it is…

“The following information was received anonymously; presumably from a member of the Israeli Military. It was presented as follows:

Underlining the following people is an act of retribution and affront. They are the direct perpetrators, agents for the state of Israel that in Dec.- Jan. 2008- 2009 attacked scores of people in the besieged Gaza. The people listed here held positions of command at the time of the attack therefore not only did they perform on behalf of a murderous state mechanism but actively encouraged other people to do the same. They bear a distinctive personal responsibility. They range from low-level field commanders to the highest echelons of the Israeli army. All took an active and direct role in the offensive.

In underlining them we are purposefully directing attention to individuals rather than the static structures through which they operate. We are aligning people with actions. It is to these persons and others, Like them, to which we must object and bring our plaints to bear upon.

This information was pirated. We encourage people to seek out other such similar information, it is readily available in the public sphere and inside public officials’ locked cabinets. This is a form of resistance that can be effectively sustained for a long while.

This project for one, has only just begun, do your bit so that this virtual list may come to bear upon the physical.

Disseminate widely.”

I include a pdf of a cache only version of the list without photographs -which a quick search could not find- but with all the names and details; nothing to be afraid of right? It’s a sixty two year ‘ethical’ tradition after all, you’re just following orders, all that? Or that other tack; they poured white phosphorous on themselves and you [or BBC’s Panorama] can prove it! Hamas did it! etc.

Israeli War Criminals

See an earlier Facebook version with more explication [it’s a pdf too in order to protect content from removal] here; Names of Israeli War Criminals in Gaza | Facebook

See The National’s report here.

The Guardian here.

I strongly recommend Gilad Atzmon’s cry of dissociative disgust; ‘Israeli War Criminals Had `better `hope for palestinian Amnesty’, here. He writes; “I guess that the Israelis are starting to grasp the true meaning of the delegitimization of their state. It is now reaching a point of no return, and it has become personal, because the people on the list will have to think twice before they set foot on a plane.”

Oliver Miles lays out some detail about what the law change would mean in The G. here, making precisely the wrong deduction; that it’s good to talk ‘peace’ with people like Tsipi Livni. No! this is the whole point. She should be afraid to travel anywhere lest justice catches up with her. Talk ‘peace’ by all means through bars or in court. She’s already committed herself freely in blood and bombs. She is the daughter of ethnic cleansers and a war criminal herself. At least she is, incontrovertibly, if collective punishment, disproportionate force, use of human shields, use of indiscriminate bombardment in civilian areas, use of white phosphorus at all and/or in school buildings are recognisable as International crimes. I believe they are; as such her guilt is contained in her own bragging before and during her leadership.

If Livni regains power, a natural sequence of events in the state of Israel, it should make no difference. The least emotive example I can -far too politely- use is that Slobodan Milosevic was President … Sharon/ Barak/ Peres [Mr Silent Settlements]/ Netanyahu/ Olmert were/are all elected officials [Lieberman is right now!] and presided over genocidal regimes committing crimes against humanity and war crimes year after year, or at the very least deserve a fair trial on those charges in preference to natural justice; a bullet in the head [given that they will live out their lives in the sun -even if it is a vegetable patch- without ever having to so much as acknowledge their crimes; a matter of overwhelmingly clear historical record].

However, I’m advocating hard justice; let’s bring these monsters in -with each and every gun-toting settler- and all of us learn from their crimes. Let us try to ensure that Gaza 2008-09 was the turning point, the last time; never again. Let’s oppose a British government that wants mass murder to be an annual event and which so overtly encourages -as it has consistently- this one genocidal regime. Let’s simply recognise the truth in what Judith Butler said recently; “Israel in its present form cannot do without its mechanisms of dispossession, without destroying itself as Israel.” Let’s hurry the future along…

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